Slip Rail Brackets

Slip Rail Brackets

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  • Slip rail bracket set.
  • Cranked bracket.

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Slip Rail Brackets

Slip rail bracket sets are normally used with post and sawn rail fencing to provide an entry point without a hinged gate, thus helping to reduce costs.  The rail is kept in position with a hinged locking arm that pivots to drop into a slot cut in the top of the rail. This prevents animals from moving the rails and escaping. The brackets are easily fitted with screws.

Cranked Rail Brackets

Alternatively, you can use plain cranked brackets for 50mm thick timber. Cranked brackets are not suitable for use with animals and are more commonly used for supporting a retaining bar across pairs of gates or doors. The bar can be secured in place at either end using hasps and staples with padlocks.

The cranked bracket is coach screwed to posts.


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Galvanised, with fixing screws, Black, Brass, BZP, Chrome, Galvanised, Galvanised + Olive Grey, Olive Grey


Slip Rail Bracket, Cranked Bracket

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