York Wooden Decking Boards

York Wooden Decking Boards

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  • DeckMark & FSC approved
  • Pressure-treated for longevity
  • Double-sided boards grooved or smooth
  • Made from slow grown & selected softwood
  • Finished dimensions after machining 120mm X 33mm
  • Decking boards whether smooth or ribbed can be fitted with Anti-slip plates to provide anti-slip protection

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Our York wooden deck boards are DeckMark & FSC approved. For longevity, the boards are kiln-dried and pressure-treated to U/C3 standard (Exterior use – not in-ground contact).

Each board is double-sided with a grooved or smooth surface and is cut from slow-grown, selected softwood. The finished dimensions after machining are 120mm X 33mm. York decking is very strong, allowing for up to 600mm joist centres.

Both the smooth or ribbed sides can be fitted with Anti-Slip Plates to provide anti-slip protection, or alternatively, the ribbed side can be retrofitted with Anti-Slip Inserts.

Cleaning and Care

As with all other wooden decking boards, York decking requires regular sweeping and the occasional hose down. A quick wash removes any build-ups of dead leaves or other organic matter. In addition, regular cleaning helps to reduce the formation of slippery algae or moulds. In spring or early summer, the decking surface should be carefully washed with a pressure washer to remove all the winter’s grime build-up. Once the boards have dried out thoroughly, a new treatment of Decking Oil (or, even better, two treatments) will help to restore and protect your deck for the following year.


We recommend using a 63mm length Exterior-grade Decking Screw for fixing York decking boards with two screws per board per joist. Although many deck screws say ‘No pre-drilling required’ on the box, we recommend that a countersunk pilot hole be drilled for each screw. It is essential to choose screws that can be used with pressure-treated timber; otherwise, the screws will rust, causing staining and early failure of your deck.







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4.2m (13'9"), 3.60m (11'9"), 4.8m (15'8")

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