Timco In-Dex Landscape and Framing Screw

Timco In-Dex Landscape and Framing Screw

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  • A very good all-round heavy-duty wood fastener.
  • No pre-drilling required on softwood posts, except close to edges and ends. 
  • Corrosion-resistant coating for external use.
  • Tested to EN14592:2008  (Screws for structural timber products)

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A very good all-around heavy-duty landscape and framing screw from Timco can, in most cases, replace the more traditional coach screw.
Timco’s landscape and framing screw range has been specifically designed for use in all types of timber construction. Particularly useful for decking, stairs, fencing, roofing and of course for all timber related landscaping work. The cut point means there is usually no need to pre-drill on softwood, except close to the edges and ends to avoid timber splitting.

All the screws in this range have an excellent corrosion-resistant coating making them ideal for external use and suitable for treated timber. The screws have been tested to EN14592:2008  (Screws for structural timber products)

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100mm x 6.7mm, 125mm x 6.7mm, 150mm x 6.7mm, 200mm x 6.7mm, 250mm x 6.7mm, 300mm x 8.0mm, 350mm x 8.0mm, 400mm x 8.0mm, 60mm x 6.7mm, 75mm x 6.7mm, 87mm x 6.7mm


Box of 50, multiples of 1

Head Type

Hex, Wafer

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