Cleft Chestnut Post & Rail

Cleft Chestnut Post & Rail

Cleft Chestnut Post and Rail, sometimes called Sussex Rail is made from untreated Chestnut hardwood.  The wood is cut during the winter when there is less sap in the wood, which increases the durability of the wood. All of our Chestnut post and rail is sourced from local producers.

General Information

  • Provides a more natural and rustic appearance. Can be used for domestic gardens, horse paddocks and driveways.
  • Posts set at 9′ centres.
  • Cleft intermediate posts are basically half a tree trunk with the sides lightly trimmed and 2 or 3 pairs of mortises for the rails.
  • PostSaver is not available for Cleft Chestnut Posts.
  • Chestnut products are untreated.
  • Sawn plates, mortised for 2 or 3 rails are used to attach cleft rails to square gate posts.

To order, get an itemised quote or for more information on Cleft rail, contact us online or phone sales on 01892 864646. Trade and quantity discounts available.

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