Trellis and Privacy Lattice

Typical uses for Trellis panels

Trellis and Privacy Lattice fence panels are versatile and have many uses around the garden. Including fitting above our standard fence panels, providing a strong frame for climbing plants, and screening eyesores like dustbin areas.
We can make bespoke trellis to fit between pergola posts or to make trellis features.

Diamond Privacy panels are made from lighter material so are not as strong as our Crestala trellis panels. However, privacy trellis are more suitable for those who would like more screening.

Posts for Trellis Panels

All our trellis and lattice are suitable for use with wooden posts.
Most can be used with our concrete slotted or metal DuraPost posts. The exception is Crestala’s own Diamond Trellis which, being three battens thick, is too substantial and will not fit into the grooves of slotted posts.


All Crestala Trellis is manufactured in our workshop from UK-grown pressure-treated 19mm x 38mm batten.

Diamond Privacy Panels are imported and made from mixed timber species. All the timber used in their manufacture is pressure-treated.

Non-standard trellis

We can produce many non-standard Trellis panel sizes in our workshop. Talk to our Sales Team for more information and a quote.
Please note: Any Non-standard or trellis made-to-order is manufactured specifically for you and is not returnable or refundable.

Crestala's diamond trellis used by Garden Proud to make a lovely arbor against a garden wall.

Garden Proud uses Crestala’s diamond trellis to make a lovely arbour against a garden wall.

Gravel boards

Your trellis or lattice will last longer if kept clear of the ground. We have three gravel boards suitable for fitting under trellis panels: wooden, concrete, or composite.
Please note that concrete gravel boards are 1.83m (6ft) long and are too long to fit under continental-style 1.8m wide panels without using a spacer between each end of the panel and the posts.
Wooden and composite boards can easily be shortened for use with 1.8m wide trellis panels.

Over 1.83m (6′) wide wooden gravel boards are the best option for trellis panels.

For more information on all our Trellis and Lattice panel options or a detailed quote, contact us online or phone our Sales Team on 01892 864646.

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