Timber Pressure Treatment

The Timber Pressure Treatment process adds extra moisture into the timber. Timber is a naturally porous material and as such can absorb or release moisture depending on the weather conditions. This uneven natural process is generally not detrimental and some movement in the timber is unavoidable. This can include splitting, warping and twisting. Larger section posts are more susceptible to these characteristics. During hot weather fence panels and feather edge boards may become distorted. These should return to a more normal appearance during cooler, wetter weather. These natural characteristics do not usually affect the structural performance or life expectancy of the timber.

We do not recommend using dark stains or paints as they attract heat which may cause additional movement in the timber during hot summers.

Treated timber that has been crosscut, notched or drilled must be retreated using a good quality Endseal to reinstate the protective layer.

The majority of our timber is pressure treated with “Tanalith E” preservative.

Timber is treated to different Use Classes (UC) depending on what end use the Timber is intended for.

The Timber we stock is treated to UC 3 or 4.

  • UC 3 is for external use above ground
  • UC 4 is for external use in ground contact