Post Mix

Post Mix

£6.72 inc. VAT

  • Ready-mixed concrete suitable for fence & gate posts
  • Also known as Post Concrete
  • Sets in 10-15 minutes (may take longer when cold. Do not use below 5 degrees Centigrade)
  • Available in 20kg waterproof bags

More Information

Fast setting Post Mix is great for securing fence and gate posts in position quickly and securely, coming in easy-to-handle 20 kg waterproof bags. 

Ready-mixed, add water. This is an ideal fix for many garden fencing tasks. 

It is essential that the instructions on the bag are followed. Failure to do so may extend the setting time and/or affect the quality of the hardened post mix. Please be advised that the setting times at lower temperatures will be longer. In very cold weather, it may be worth using 20mm ballast and cement to make up dry mix concrete instead (See 20mm Ballast), as it is not so susceptible to temperature.

The supplier has provided a step-by-step guide here.

Please follow the mixing and safety instructions on the bags. 


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