Post Rammers

Post Rammers

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  • Black painted Post Rammers.
  • 100mm (4″) or 150mm (6″) diameter.
  • Thicker tubular handles to reduce hand strain and make for easier lifting and use.

More Information

A Post Rammer is a handy tool for banging in round pressure treated or split chestnut posts used for fencing, mainly for supporting runs of wire netting etc.

There are 2 sizes, 100mm (4″) or 150mm (6″).

Our post rammers are very robust. In addition, our rammers are made with thicker tubular handles, making them much easier to hold and lift whilst helping to reduce hand strain during use.

A safety note:
When in use, do not raise the lower lip of the post rammer above the top of the post. The rammer’s lower edge will likely catch on the post top during the downward thrust if this happens. The rammer can then rotate in your hands, which, if you are unlucky, can propel the rammer into your head.  Many fencers have found this out the hard way, having ended up with large bumps and bruises on their heads, with some even being knocked unconscious. Wearing a safety hard hat is recommended. Please take care.


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6" Post Rammer, 4" Post Rammer

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