Auto Catch Set

Auto Catch Set

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  • Galvanised, BZP or Black painted
  • Auto Catch Set comprising of a slam catch and striker

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Auto Catch set for domestic gates

An Auto Catch is a slam-type catch for lower-height domestic gates. Typically the auto-catch is used on gates up to 1.2m (4′) wide and 1.o5m (3’6″) or less as opening from the outside requires reaching over the top of the gate to operate the catch. For the catch to work properly, the gate should be hung between the posts, with the back face of the posts and the rear face of the gate in line.

The striker pin is screwed to the vertical shutting stile of the gate, near the top.
The body of the catch is screwed to the post. Hold in position by hand and check that the striker pin hits the lower portion of the thumb plate and lifts it smoothly, allowing the striker pin to enter the catch body. After the striker pin passes through, the thumb plate should drop back down, trapping the striker pin and holding the gate shut. Once you have found the correct position for the catch to operate smoothly, mark the position with a pencil. Screw the catch body into place and recheck the catch operation.

Tip – Check that the gate stops have been set up correctly. The gate stop, usually a length of batten, should physically stop the gate before the striker pin hits the back of the catch body. If the striker pin stops the gate, then the gate stop position must be adjusted to stop the gate with the face of the gate level with the front of the post. This adjustment should move the striker pin clear of the catch body in the closed position.


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Black, BZP

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