Hasp and Staple

Hasp and Staple

£5.66£21.48 inc. VAT

  • Galvanised or BZP finish
  • Different sizes and styles

More Information

Hasps and staples come in various styles, finishes and levels of security. In addition, they can be fitted to gates, sheds or garage doors to increase security.

Generally, they are either Galvanised or BZP.

Regularly oiling the hinge point if the hasp and staple are fitted externally is recommended.

Additional information


Verticle Hasp & Staple, 15.2cm (6") Hasp & Staple, 20cm (8") Hasp & Staple (heavy), Swivel Hasp & Staple 20cm (8")


BZP, Galvanised

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