Smartboard Composite Decking Screws

Smartboard Composite Decking Screws

£30.34 inc. VAT

  • Packs of 200 screws
  • Screw heads are coloured to match the colour of the Smartboard decking selected
  • A Torx driver bit and a 4.5mm drill bit are included with each box

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Smartboard decking screws have been made especially for SmartBoard Composite Decking. The heads are coloured to match the three SmartBoard colours: Slate Grey, Battleship Grey & Chocolate Brown. The screws are 63mm long and incorporate a Torx recess for a good positive drive. Each box includes Torx driver bit and a 4.5mm drill bit.


Please follow the directions on the fitting instructions sheet, failure to follow may invalidate the guarantee.

Here are a few of our top tips for getting the most out of your Smartboard Decking Screws:

  • Pre-drilling of the SmartBoard is required. (Not the joist). With pre-drilling, the overall job will take a little longer but it will look neater. This also puts much less stress on the screws and has the benefit of reducing the chance of damage to the screw head, making the screws easier to remove later if the need arises.
  • Use two screws per joist, with a minimum of 20mm from a side or end. The first groove on the ribbed side is an ideal position.
  • A good quality cordless impact driver is required for inserting the screws as they offer the best control to place the head of the screw in the correct position just under the surface of the board.
  • Standard combi–drills should not be used for inserting the special SmartBoard screws.

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Slate Grey, Battleship Grey, Chocolate Brown



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