SmartBoard Composite Decking

SmartBoard Composite Decking

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SmartBoard Composite Decking comes in three colours – Chocolate brown, Battleship grey and Slate grey. All three colours have a matt brushed finish. The boards are reversible, ribbed on one side & flat on the other.

  • The manufacturers offer a warranty of 25 years for residential use & 10 years for commercial use
  • The boards are 3.6m long, 138mm wide & 20mm deep, with each 3.6m board weighing 13.32Kg or 3.7Kg per metre
  • SmartBoard composite decking is made of a mix of the residue from the manufacture of Oak flooring (60%), recycled dense polyethylene from shampoo bottles etc (30%) and additives to help reduce expansion & contraction (10%)


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We stock SmartBoard Composite Decking as we believe it is the best composite decking board available as it offers a long lifespan and very good value for money.

Some tips & things to note when installing SmartBoard Decking:

  • Follow the installation instructions (available on request); failure to do so may invalidate the guarantee.
  • SmartBoard contains a high percentage of natural wood fibres, so there may be variations in colour and finished appearance. Once fitted and exposed to water and the sun, SmartBoards will undergo a natural weathering process, turning to a slightly lighter colour shade.
  • After long-term weathering, CompoCare by Owatrol can be used to seal and revitalise SmartBoard.
  • SmartBoard will expand and contract approximately  +/- 1mm per metre length or 3.6mm per 3.6m board. A 5mm gap must be left between parallel boards and between board ends. This gap is increased to 10mm when adjacent to walls or buildings.
  • The SmartBoards should only be fixed with 63mm SmartBoard coloured decking screws as they have been made especially for SmartBoard. A 4.5mm pilot hole is required in the Smartboard (Not the joist). Take care not to mark the surface of the decking board. The Smartboard screw is designed to create a recess for the screw head.
    Use two screws per joist, with a minimum of 20mm from a side or end. The first groove on the ribbed side is ideal.
  • Use a good quality cordless impact driver for inserting the screws, as they offer the best control to place the head of the screw in the correct position just under the surface.
    Use standard combi–drills only for drilling pilot holes.
  • For domestic applications, the joist spacing is a maximum of 400mm.
  • SmartBoard decking is cleaned by regular sweeping and can be washed with warm soapy water and then rinsed with clean water.
  • Pressure washers need to be used with care.  Do not let the outlet nozzle get too close to the decking boards.  We recommend that a small inconspicuous test area is cleaned & allowed to dry before commencing to clean the whole deck.
  • CompoClean by Owatrol can be used to remove stains.

Installing Composite Decking may require planning permission. Please check this link to the Government Planning Portal, which gives some basic guidance. If you are in any doubt, please check with your local planning office, who are usually very helpful. Building Regulations usually apply to deck structures requiring planning permission.

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Slate Grey, Battleship Grey, Chocolate Brown

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