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Wooden & Composite Decking

We stock a range of wooden and composite decking, suitable for general domestic or commercial use, together with newels and balustrading if required. In stock is a comprehensive range of fixings and accessories needed to complete your project successfully.

Wooden Decking

There are many types and sizes of wood decking to choose from, with each species of wood looking and ageing differently, with many having  20-year guarantees.
Hardwoods come in a variety of colours, whilst softwood decking is usually a light pine colour, but can be stained to virtually any colour you wish. Try to avoid darker colours as these attract heat from the sun, which can cause problems later
Then there is the hardwood or softwood choice. ’Hard’ and ‘Soft’ refer to the tree type and generally whether they are deciduous or evergreen.  Just to make things a little more complicated, hardwoods aren’t always hard & softwood is not always soft.  Make sure you research your choice well before purchasing.
Both types of wooden decking will need regular cleaning and retreating to extend its lifetime and finish. There’s a whole host of products to help you achieve the finish you want. Do look at any special re-treatment or initial fixing requirements stipulated as part of any guarantee(s) from the decking manufacturer. Special oils and screws/fixings for some species of Hardwood can be very expensive. Cost wise, hardwood installation is generally 2 to 3 times more than softwood.

Composite Decking

Composite decks have certainly come a long way in the last 10 years, being more durable in most ways and many come with 25 to 40-year guarantees. They also come in a variety of materials, colours and finishes for a more modern looking outdoor space. They require very little maintenance vs wood. A lite scrub with a gentle soap and water mix twice a year is all they usually need to stay looking good as new. Some types of composite decking can require special fixing clips or fixings which be expensive. Do make sure these are included in any material quotes you get.  In most cases, the total installation costs of composite decking will be higher than wood.

What’s underneath still counts!

A house is only as strong as its foundations and it’s much the same with decking. Whether you opt for wood or composite, take advice from your local decking supplier or contractor when purchasing the materials for your deck support frame. We have in stock a range of suitable framing timber and our Sales Team can assist in working out your requirements. Don’t be tempted to skimp on the supporting structure or fixings as this can cause problems later on.
Take care with thinner decking.  Cost wise this can look like a good deal, but as this usually needs the support joists to be much closer together to stop the deck “bouncing”,  you may not save as much as you think.

Know what you’re looking for already? Hop straight to the section you’re looking for or browse all the products in Decking below. 

  • Timber/Wooden Decking Boards

    £18.05£24.05 inc. VAT
    • DeckMark & FSC approved.
    • Pressure-treated for longevity.
    • Double-sided boards. Grooved or Smooth.
    • Made from slow grown & selected softwood.
    • Finished dimensions after machining 120mm X 33mm.
    • Decking boards whether smooth or ribbed can be fitted with Anti-slip plates to provide anti-slip protection.
  • Newels

    £27.46£51.84 inc. VAT
    • Newels are the posts that support balustrade around decking.
    • Newel Size: 85mm x 85mm.
    • U/C4 pressure treated for in-ground contact.
    • Planed finish with rounded corners.
  • SmartBoard composite decking comes in Three colours – Chocolate brown, Battleship grey and Slate grey. All three colours have a matt brushed finish. The boards are reversible - ribbed on one side & flat on the other.
    • The manufacturers offer a warranty of 25 years for residential use & 10 years for commercial use.
    • The boards are 3.6m long, 138mm wide & 20mm deep, with each 3.6m board weighing 13.32Kg or 3.7Kg per metre.
    • SmartBoard composite decking is made of a mix of the residue from the manufacture of Oak flooring (60%), recycled dense polyethylene from shampoo bottles etc ( 30% ) and additives to help reduce expansion & contraction (10%).
  • Rope Balustrade and fittings

    £5.09£15.65 inc. VAT
    • Simple balustrade for low-level decks
    • 24mm Polyhemp rope
    • Only suitable for low-level decks
    • Easy to fit with brass end fittings
  • Concrete Decking subframe Support Posts

    £8.08£18.67 inc. VAT
    • Rot free alternative to traditional wooden support posts.
    • Extend the life of existing decking frames with wooden posts that have rotted off at ground level.
    • Range of heights.
  • Green Exterior WoodScrew

    £7.25£10.85 inc. VAT
    • Box of 2oo screws
    • No pre-drilling required, except close to edges/ends
    • The green coating gives good corrosion resistance
    • PZ2 Pozi drive bit usually included
    • Countersunk head
  • Anti Slip Plate

    £19.61£32.89 inc. VAT
    • Stainless steel plate with an anti-slip coating.
    • Ideal for domestic and commercial use on stair or step treads, ramps and decking.
    • Available in 3 sizes: 1m x 115mm, 635mm x 115mm, 635mm x 62.5mm.
    • Includes stainless steel screws.
  • Anti Slip Insert

    £4.25 inc. VAT
    • Length: 1.2m
    • Can be retrofitted.
    • Horizontal rails to support and fix the spindles together.
    • Includes Timber Insert.
    • Stocked item.
    • Pressure treated timber.
  • Handrail Bracket

    £0.00£3.32 inc. VAT
    • 90mm Steel, heavy-duty, BZP coated.
    • 63mm Aluminium.
    • Ideal for steps, stairs and ramps
  • Square Spindles

    £3.43 inc. VAT
    • Spindles are fitted between the hand & base rails to form the balustrade
    • Pressure-treated timber
    • Planed with rounded corners
    • Length/Width/Depth: 895mm x 41mm x 41mm
    • Balustrade bracket for attaching balustrade rails and panels.
    • For low-level decks only.
    • Size: 42mm x 42mm x 30mm.
    • Zinc and Yellow passivated for corrosion resistance.
  • Balustrade Panels

    £84.00 inc. VAT
    • These panels fit between newels using balustrade panel brackets to make an easily assembled balustrade around your deck
    • Stocked item
    • Pressure-treated timber
    • Planed with rounded corners
    • Length/Height: 1.8m x 985mm, though this product can be shortened
    • Packs of 200 screws.
    • Screw heads are coloured to match the colour of the Smartboard decking selected.
    • A Torx driver bit and a 4.5mm drill bit are included with each box.

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