Concrete Posts

Concrete Posts

Although not as nice to look at as wooden posts, with a life expectancy exceeding 25 years, concrete fencing materials are a viable alternative to traditional wooden materials. We stock a range of concrete posts, gravel boards, repair spurs, and decking support posts.

Concrete posts are normally dug into the ground and the post secured with either a dry mix ballast and cement (about 7 to 1 mix with no extra water added) rammed up around the post or postmix ( follow directions on the bag).  The amount of each that will be required will depend on the size and depth of the hole. Try to keep the hole diameter fairly tight around the post, 200 to 250mm (8″ to 10″) is good.  Generally, for any fence height, the hole should be a minimum of 600mm (2′) deep.  For fence heights over 1.5m we recommend that the hole depth is increased to a minimum of 750mm (2′ 6″).

Important: Check the depth of the hole carefully before dropping the post into the hole. Concrete posts are very difficult to lift back out of the hole if the depth is not correct.

Concrete posts are heavy so please lift with care and most sizes of concrete posts will require a minimum of 2 people to safely lift.
If the weight or lifting may be a problem you may wish to consider the much lighter metal DuraPost’s as an alternative option.

For more information on any concrete products or to obtain a quote for your job please contact us or phone sales on 01892 864646.

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