7 Bar Metal Gates

7 Bar Metal Gates

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  • Galvanised Metal Field Gates with a Spring Bolt catch.
  •  Each gate comes with two adjustable gate-hanging eyes.
  • Gate widths from 1.2m (4)’ to 4.87m (16′)
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We are experiencing some supply issues with this product and have to reduce the range of sizes available temporarily. 


Seven-bar metal field gates are a very economical way of closing off an opening. They can be used for footpaths, fields or as driveway entrance gates.

These seven-bar gates are robust and are galvanised for a very long life. In addition, each gate comes with two adjustable gate-hanging eyes and a spring catch kit.

We stock a range of gate widths, from 1.2m (4)’ to 4.87m (16′).

Seven bar gates can be fitted with a bolt-on “D” Loop and used with a Field gate Auto-catch or a hunting auto-catch. “D” loops are considered to be more horse and cattle-friendly. In addition, field gate auto catches can be padlocked for security.

They can be hung on our wooden gate posts using standard 19mm Hook to Bolt and Hook to Drive gate hanging hooks or on galvanised metal hanging and metal shutting posts. Metal posts come with the appropriate hanging or shutting fittings already attached.

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1.21m (4'), 1.83m (6'), 2.43m (8'), 3.04m (10'), 3.65m (12'), 4.87m (16')

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