Closeboard Capping Rail

Closeboard Capping Rail

£6.84 inc. VAT

  • Closeboard capping is made from treated softwood
  • Twice weathered to aid water run off
  • Width/Depth/Length: 63mm(2.5″) x 38mm(1.5″) x 3m (10′)


More Information

Closeboard Capping adds a finishing touch to a new Closeboard fence. It looks good and protects the top of the feather edge boards, increasing overall fence strength and aiding longevity.

Capping can be successfully retrofitted to some existing Closeboard fences. However, retrofitting is not recommended where the feather edge boards have been fitted level with the top of the post.

Capping can be used on flat or sloping fence runs and added to Closeboarded gates.

Do you need help or need a bit more information about Closeboard Fencing? Check out our Closeboard Materials and Information Helpsheet.

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