Universal & Deer Fencing

Universal & Deer Fencing

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  • Stock pattern netting with the holes closer together at the bottom
  • 1m and 1.2m high are very popular with dog owners
  • 1.45m for small Deer or larger dogs
  • 1.9 or 2m high is the ideal height for Deer fencing

More Information

Netting for small stock Animals, Dogs and Deer

This type of netting is known as Light Stock Netting, which has the horizontal wires closer together at the bottom of the mesh, and the gaps between the horizontal wires then become larger towards the top of the net.
High Tensile Deer netting has fewer horizontal line wires but still has the graduated hole size.


This netting is usually attached to a wooden post with galvanised staples at about two-metre post centres. We stock a range of Half-round, Chestnut, and pressure-treated posts to suit most applications. If you are not sure which posts are suitable for your needs, please speak to a member of our Sales Team who will be able to advise you.

Heights and Uses

1m and 1.2m high are suitable for light commercial and domestic use. Both are very popular with dog owners.

1.45m is suitable for larger dogs and is the lowest height used to keep out Deer, although it is too low for the larger species of Deer. Therefore, we recommend adding one, two or three horizontal line wires above the 1.45m netting at about 150mm spacing.

1.9 or 2m high overall is the ideal height for Deer fencing.

Understanding the Netting code number

Netting is identified by an alpha/numeric code    L= Light grade      Ht= High tensile
which is followed by the number of horizontal line wires / Next is the netting height in centimetres/ The final number is the distance between vertical stays in centimetres.


Additional information


Universal L16/100/15 – Mild Steel, Universal Fence L15/120/15 – Mild Steel, Universal L20/145/ 15 -Mild Steel, Deer Fence L23/200/15 – Mild Steel, Deer Fence L20/200/15 – Mild Steel, Deer Fence HT13/190/15 – High Tensile, Universal L18/148/15 – Mild Steel




1.48m (58 1/4"), 1.0m (39 1/4"), 1.2m (47 1/4"), 1.45m (57 1/16"), 1.9m (74 3/4"), 2m (78 3/4")

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