Galvanised Line Wire

Galvanised Line Wire

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  • Line wire is sold by roll weight & wire diameter.
  • Approximate roll lengths are shown in the table below.

More Information

Galvanised line wire is a component of several types of netting fencing and is popular with gardeners to support climbing plants.

You can use strands of line wire on their own to form a simple fence line, stapled to pressure-treated round posts or the cheaper and more rustic chestnut posts.

Putting line wire above stock-style fencing is a cheap means of increasing the overall fence height.

To strengthen lightweight netting like Rabbit netting or Chicken netting, galvanised line wire can be added, particularly at the netting’s top and bottom. The netting is attached to the wire with netting clips, either by hand or using a clip gun.  Our blog on Rabbit proofing your garden has more information you may find useful.

Line wire is also used to support Chainlink fencing.

Additional information


High Tensile, Mild Steel


1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.5mm, 3mm or 3.15mm


25kg, 5kg, 1/2kg

Approx. Length

400m, 600m, 85m, 120m, 300m, Not Known, 1500m

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