Chainlink Fencing

Chain link is very versatile being used for Domestic, Commercial, Sports or Security Fencing purposes.

We stock a range of different types of Chain link. This includes Galvanised, Green PVC coated & Black PVC coated in various heights.

They can all be used with a variety of Posts. Black painted Metal Angle is perhaps the most popular as it is comparatively easy to use. (Galvanised Angle posts can be ordered) The corners and ends come already assembled with the correct laser bars and line wire tensioners for the height of chain link requested. Concrete or Wooden posts can also be used, but the fixing and tensioning parts are purchased separately. These have to then be assembled on site. We can supply a selection of tools to help make the job as painless as possible.
Crestala can supply all the relevant parts and fixings to enable you to complete your job.

If you need any help or further information about Chain link, its component parts or would like to order then please contact us.

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