//Palisade & Picket

Palisade or Picket Fencing.

Flat top palisade finished off with a capping rail

Flat top palisade finished off with  a capping rail

Palisade or Picket fencing is very popular as front or back garden boundary fencing. Particularly where a solid fence is not needed or desired. Palisade Fencing can also be used to partition off parts of the garden, such as the veggie patch from children and pets. Matching gates together with all the gate fittings are also available.

If you want more information on our palisade fencing please check out our  Palisade Fencing Materials and information help pages.

Green painted palisade around a swimming pool

Green painted palisade around a swimming pool

All of our Palisade/Picket fencing material is pressure treated with a preservative. Once the timber has dried, it can be stained or painted to produce the traditional cottage style fence. Paint should ideally be water-based, microporous and suitable for external use. It is best to avoid dark colours as they can attract heat on sunny days which may cause additional movement in the timber.
Alternatively, the fencing can be treated with decking oil to provide protection for the timber and help slow down the timber ageing process. Coloured oils can be used to enhance the look of the fence.

We have included below some basic 3m bay prices as an aid to assist in working out your projects costs. Discounts for Trade and quantity may be available. If you would like a full itemised quote, please contact us online or phone our Sales Team on 01892 864646.