Fence Panels

Fence Panels are a popular and relatively easy way of making a fence. We can supply fencing panels in various styles and heights to suit all needs or budgets.

In our onsite workshop, we can make bespoke panels in some of our styles.
Please note: Non-standard or panels made to order are manufactured specifically for you and are not returnable or refundable.

Posts options for supporting panels

There are three main options to support your panels.

1/ Treated square wooden posts

The best method of attaching the panels to the posts is to screw sideways through the panel end battens into the post on the front and the back of the panel. 75mm or 100mm external quality wood screws with a slash or predrilling point and a maximum diameter of 5mm (No8) are ideal. If you can, predrill holes in the battens to reduce the possibility of the battens splitting.
“U” panel clips can be used if preferred, but they are not as secure. The panels can “pop out” of the clips in strong winds and fall down. They also create a gap between the post and the panel, which opens up during the summer.

Wooden post sizes used for fence panels are:
a/ 100mm x 100mm (4″ x 4″)  Suitable for all panels.
b/ 100mm x 75mm  (4″ x 3″)   The panels are fixed to the 100mm sides.
This gives the strength of a 100mm depth combined with a smaller  75mm for less visual impact. Suitable for all panels.
c/  75mm x 75mm  (3″ x 3″)  This is the smallest wooden post suitable for supporting panels.
For panel heights above 1.2m (4′), we would recommend upgrading to the more substantial 100mm x 75mm post.

2/Concrete slotted posts

A popular choice for supporting panels as they are generally long-lasting. New or replacement panels can be slotted in from the top if required.
As there is no way to fix the panel directly to the concrete posts to prevent the panels from bending and blowing out, the posts must be fitted up to the panels with a minimum clearance. It is important that the posts are vertical, or you will have trouble slotting in the panel.
The panels can be joined together with panel security brackets at the top and bottom to increase security by stopping the panels from being lifted or “popped” out,

3/ Metal DuraPost

DuraPost is a new and innovative post with strength, durability and good looks, ideal for panel fencing.
Panels are easily and securely attached to the “H” shaped posts with external quality round-head woodscrews.
These strong posts have been tested in 100mph winds and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 15 or 25 years. (T’s & C’s apply)

Fixing posts for panels in the ground

All three types of post are dug into the ground, and the post is secured in the hole with either a dry mix of ballast and cement (about 7 to 1 mix with no extra water added) rammed up hard around the post or postmix (please follow the directions on the bag). For any fence height, the post hole should be a minimum of 600mm (2′) deep. For fence heights over 1.5m, we recommend that the hole depth is increased to a minimum of 750mm (2′ 6″).

Sloping Fenceline

Remember, if your fence line is on a slope, each panel will need to step up or down. To accommodate this, you will need to allow for longer posts. Our Sales Team can help you work out what height posts you require.

Panel Treatments

All of our Panels are manufactured with pressure-treated timber.
The only exception to this is the cheaper Brown Waney Edge which is dip treated.

Gravel Boards

To increase the lifespan of your panels, it helps if the panels are fitted clear of the ground. This can easily be achieved using a gravel board that sits on or above the ground.
We have a range of three different types of gravel boards to suit varying uses and budgets.
* The standard wooden gravel boards.
** Concrete gravel boards.
*** Composite gravel boards.

Please note:

As with all timber products, panels can be affected by dry/hot spells. Panels may twist or warp, and the panel slats, which are made of thinly cut timber can split. These problems do not usually affect the structural integrity of the panel and will mostly disappear when colder, moist weather returns.

More information on our Fence Panels

Please see below for more detailed information on the various types of Fencing Panels available from the Crestala Fencing Centre.

If you still have questions about any of our Fence Panels or require a detailed itemised quote, please contact us online or phone our Sales Team on 01892 864646. We are happy to help.

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